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We are back. I didn’t mean to take a sabbatical. It just happened. Things got crazy. The computer for slower. Inspiration flagged. No apologies here — life happened. It’s still happening.

We still homeschool. The kids are ever bigger. The baby is 3 1/2 and won’t let me call him a baby anymore. We are done with diapers (*cheering*).


Arthur is still dancing, sill loving Scouts, still reading obsessively. He’s getting ready for the third grade assessment test we do as homeschoolers here. I’ve looked it over and he will do just fine if he keeps his cool. He delights in reminding me that he’s about to be 10 (you know… Really soon… Like in September).


Cecilia is recently 6. When I started this blog she was just newly 1 and barely walking. She’s in love with dance and sewing and crafting. She’s the most powerful person I know. She’s right on the brink of independent reading. The change between 5 and 6 for here has been amazing.


Simon…oh Simon. He’s not a baby anymore. He’s equally comfortable playing Star Wars and battling his brother with a light saber, or he can put on his favorite blue velvet dress and be a princess with his sister. He’s just comfortable being him. He gets really frustrated when he is smaller, shorter, and slower than his siblings. But I’m okay with that. He gets to be my baby for just a little while longer (even if he rejects the word “baby”).

We moved to a bigger house and we have an entire, wonderful, huge room just for toys and chaos and learning. We are calling it The Lab. Having all my school stuff in one place is amazing and inspires me to new learning adventures with the kids. I also have a proper sewing room – the room at the last house was a glorified closet. It’s been a welcome change, this bigger house. So many good things.


So here we are. All happy. All growing. All learning a lot. All the time.

Welcome back to me and I will see you around the interwebs.


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