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Recipe: The Christmas Miracle


An accidental drink creation on Christmas Day last year that I saved to share with you this holiday season (and also because I wasn't going to write a recipe post on Christmas!).

I got some really good chai mix in my stocking, because Papa-Bug loves me. Really good. You can order some of the Blue Lotus Chai here. Before you order, let me warn you that it will ruin you for most other chai. It's so darn good. (They don't even know I'm writing this post, so neither of us gets anything out of my spiel for them. I just love that chai…)


This was my drink of choice last Christmas, and I will be indulging again on Christmas morning.

I call it The Christmas Miracle.

Gently warm a mug of eggnog. Mix in some Blue Lotus chai mix to taste. I like mine one the spicy side and always add more than they call for. No need to add any sweetener – the eggnog took care of that. Gently stir in a shot of rum or whiskey (your choice – I prefer rum but I also don't like whiskey at all).

Sip slowly in your pajamas while you watch your kids break their new toys.


And have a Happy Holiday.



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