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And Now He is Eight

I remember eight being really monumental in my life. I think because I was old enough to audition for the local children's theatre group. Anyway. Today Brother-Bug turns eight. Here are some of my favorite pictures of him in the last year….

IMG_0480 IMG_0519 IMG_0555 IMG_1998 IMG_2318 IMG_2505 IMG_2908 IMG_3338 IMG_3475 P1090048 P1090176

He's grown so much and come so far this year. He's thoughtful and funny, witty and disgusting (ah, the humor of childhood). He's obsessed with weird things that make him chuckle at odd times. He's an incredibly thoughtful and nurturing big brother. He's learning…so much. Words fail me here. He's amazing.



Eight looks like it is going to be an awesome adventure with this guy. I couldn't be a happier, or more proud, Mama.



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  1. Love him! And you! All of you!


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