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Where did I go? No where really. A series of Internet debacles have kept my writing on paper or in my head.

First there was the password change, and now I can’t use the blogging app I usually use on my iPad. Grr.

Then there was the cable internet just…stopping…one day. We called. “It’s a known problem and we are working to fix it…” Days go by. The Internet comes back on in two minute increments — just enough to go see that there are notifications but not long enough to do anything about them. Grrrrrrrr.

We called again. “There is noise on your line…some one will come out…it will cost you…” So we switched to a DSL service provider and that took a bunch of time. GRRRRR.

In the middle of all that mess we had screen-off week. We are wrapping up the school year. I’ve been clearing out my mending and old projects basket. We’ve been outside at parks and in the yard and garden. I’ve been doing some personal writing. It’s been good. But it has left the blog quiet. Far too quiet. My mission for the weekend is to get all my tech issues fixed, or at least understood. And then I can start writing again.

I know you understand.


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