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Random Reads: Just Imagine


I spend a lot of time roaming the children’s section at the library. I come home with piles of picture books to try out. I did this even before I had kids to read to. Random Reads is a weekly feature of something I found at the library and loved.
I won’t give you too much of a description of synopsis, and no spoilers! Age recommendations are only approximate. Every book I put in Random Reads is one that I have read and highly recommend. Enjoy!


The Sound of Colors, by Jimmy Liao, has wonderfully imaginative drawings. My kids loved the pictures and found it to be a little text-heavy. The storyline is slow to unfold, poetry like, and feels like the pictures look. This book could be great for anyone as a simple seek-and-find book, using only the lavish pictures. The words and pictures are probably best for 6-7 years olds.

Brother-Bug gave it 3 stars.
Sister-Bug gave it 5 stars.
Toddler bug was nursing and trying to stand on his head at the same time. He liked the page with the elephants.


If you get a chance to read this one let me know: What did you think?


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