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Ergo Re-Do

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My Ergo is essential. And wearing out. It's about seven years old now and has carried all three kids. I know we have another two years or so when we will need to pop Toddler-Bug up on our backs to finish a hike, a long grocery store trip, or other adventure. But I don't want to buy a new Ergo because they are expensive. And really, it is only the lining on mine that is the problem. It has started to tear out all along the bottom.

Before I decided to re-line my Ergo, I went over every load bearing seam, checking for weakness. The issues were only cosmetic, so I went ahead and did the new lining. If you have an old baby carrier, it is a good idea to periodically check the seams and weight bearing areas.

Since it was in good structural shape, I went ahead. I cut a square that was about 16″x16″. The only sewing machine work I did was right here. I sewed two 1/2 inch wide, 3″ deep darts along the bottom, each about 3 1/2″ out from the middle (I aligned them with the two deep quilted line on the waistband.


Starting at the bottom/waistband, I pinned the lining along the bottom. I didn't pin the whole thing in place at once, just the bottom. Using purl cotton and a sharp tapestry needle I whipped stiches the bottom edge in place.


Next I went up one side, pinning small sections and working the fabric around the straps and corners. I had to do some creative folding to make it all fit, but with the single piece of lining, the fabric has enough give that it isn't an issue.


Going around the shoulder straps and the hood was definitely the most challenging, but pinning it in 1-2 inch bits and being patient with getting it good enough worked just fine in the end. I didn't even swear (much).


The other tricky spot was around the side strap, but I managed. And just that whip stitch across the bottom, up one side, across the top, and down the other side and shaman! My ergo is revitalized and ready for more adventures.

The other thing I did was I used some scraps to cover the bite area on the shoulder straps. Those edges were getting pretty worn out. I just cut squares to the right size and whipped them on in the same way.

I love my “new” Ergo. It is already in heavy use. The zebra print is way more fun than the plain blue that once was. And ToddlerBug loves it – zebra enthusiast that he is. So here we come hiking and berry picking and beach combing, summer! My Ergo, my toddler, and I are ready to go!




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  1. Love your ‘new’ ergo! The pattern you chose really updates the look. We use our carrier every day too and hope we don’t ever have to replace it due to wear, but if it goes, now I have some inspiration for fixing it on my own. Thanks for this post!


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