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Writing a Report with an iPhone

Brother-Bug is learning about reports and presenting his learning. He's also working on handwriting, which is a real challenge for him. He has been hating writing reports of all kinds because he needs so much help and he doesn't like being on the spot like that. He likes to be more independent. But at the same time, he wants to write reports… And I need him to practice his handwriting.

So we use the audio recorder on my iPhone. And now he is loving writing reports (and doing more hand writing practice than ever before!).

I give him the definition of a report, appropriate for his age level:

The goal of a report is to share interesting information and demonstrate your knowledge.

With that I make a list of questions he might answer for his report. I give him that, the iPhone on airplane mode so he doesn't get interrupted by a text, any relevant books, and send him to a quiet space. He records his answers to the questions. Usually he does this in several short recordings. I listen to them, then I ask him clarifying questions and send him to record answers to those questions. That refining process might take 2 or 3 more recordings.

When we are all done, I use Handwriting Worksheets to make his recordings into a written report he can trace for handwriting practice. As I type, he gives me feed back and and helps me edit his writing for clarity. Then he sits down and traces it out.

Soon I imagine he will be enough of a writer that he can write his own thoughts down, but for now, this is working really well.



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