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Random Reads: Elephants & Oceans

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I've been contemplating features. I miss my Wordless Wenesday and gratitude Sunday, but they aren't fitting I right now. Anyway, to celebrate World Book Day, I'm rolling out a feature I have been thinking about for a while — “Random Reads”. Keep track and we will see if I can keep it up!

I spend a lot of time roaming the children's section at the library. I come home with piles of picture books to try out. I did this even before I had kids to read to. Random Reads is a weekly feature of something I found at the library and loved.

I won't give you too much of a description of synopsis, and no spoilers! Age recommendations are only approximate. Every book I put in Random Reads is one that I have read and highly recommend. Enjoy!

This week — to start the feature off — I have two books to share.

Ballet of the Elephants, written by Leda Schubert and illustrated by Robert Andrew Parker. Appropriate for 4 and older.

I grabbed this because the two big kids love ballet and the little one loves elephants. It was wonderful and not at all what I expected.

Brother-Bug rates it 3 stars. Sister-Bug rates it 5 stars. Toddler-Bug loves the elephants (can we look at only the pages with elephants?)…

Hotel Deep: Light Verse from Dark Water, written and illustrated by Kurt Cyrus. Appropriate for 3 and older.

We own an earlier book by Kurt Cyrus called Oddhopper Opera, all about bugs in the garden. The light verse is fun, the paintings are spectacular.

Brother-Bug give at this book 5 stars and Sister-Bug gives it 4 stars. The toddler read something else and chewed on his toy zebra while we read it.

If you read these books, let me know what you think!



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