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To Honor My Daughter

Sister-Bug is a force of Nature. She inspires me and drives me crazy. And she leaves me in awe.

Over the weekend she was talking a lot about how she is getting SO big. That 4th birthday is about 2 months away, so she must be almost completely grown up, right? But in so many ways she is still my tiny girl. She’s been tandem nursing with the Toddler-Bug, still needing that cuddle-up to keep her world in order.

But then again, she’s forgotten to nurse more days than she has remembered recently. So I shouldn’t have been surprised. She came to me on Monday morning.

“Mama, can we cuddle up and I can have my last-ever-nursing? I am that big now.”

Are you really that big, baby?

She nursed and we cuddled and I told her I loved her and I loved nursing her. She had a moment of indecision when she stopped. But just a moment and she moved through it, giving me a hug and running off to take care of one of her many dolls. And she’s done.

She tandem nursed with both her brothers, nursing for 3 years and 10 months exactly. She made her own decision and directed her own experience – which is the way she does everything anyway. Like I said – she is a force of Nature.

Well done, little lady.


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  1. so glad another mother is out there who nurses with love and as much time as her babues need! thanks for the post!


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