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Dr. King Cakes

The recognition of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is important to us. But how to convey his message to little ones? In our earnest desire to convey they importance of Dr. King's work, we have turned Brother-Bug off from this holiday. He noticed that MLK day was on the calendar and he rolled his eyes. We might have over done it.

In a conversation with a friend, she mentioned that they always bake cupcakes for Dr. King because it is a celebration of his birthday. A cupcake gets a place at an ancestor's plate at their table for him. Her kid looks forward to MLK day. I took her idea and realized that a lot of teaching could be done with a cupcake.

So, to the kitchen!


I made a basic cupcake. Just plain yellow cake with a little orange. But then…

Some of the cakes are filled with marmalade. Some have chocolate icing and some have vanilla. Some have sprinkles and some are not sprinkled. And you can't tell if it is filled cupcake just by looking! Can you see where I am going with this?


We all have a body – that's the cupcake. We all have skin – frosting! We all have different attributes – rich/poor, fancy/plain, etc./whatever – those are the sprinkles. But you can't judge a cupcake by its sprinkles. You don't know what the inside is like until you look inside. Not all cupcakes are the same.

Not all people are the same.

But we can enjoy them, with or without sprinkles.

Happy Martin Luther King Day.



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