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Reason Two – School Scheduled Around Life

Remember when I told you I would write about the big reasons we choose to homeschool? It was a while ago. I didn't really lose track as much as… I have a lot that I want to write about and not much time for writing. I started this post mid-December madness and it did disappear in a blaze of gift creation and other festivities.

Anyway. Back to why we homeschool. Reason Two.

Schedule School Around Our Life (Not the Other Way Around)

It's (was) December. Busy. The Holi-Daze. The kids are jumping off the walls with anticipation. I'm crafting and creating gifts until I can't see straight. Family will be in town, we will go out of town, Santa will come. There's a lot going on. We will cram my and Papa-Bug's birthdays into this fun-filled month as well. A two week “school” vacation just wouldn't cut it. We take the whole month off of our “school time”.

Decorating the tree - who has time for school?

We do the same thing in the Summer. We take all of June and July off to go festing, work at a hot springs, and generally ease into summer. We get back to our books in August, ready (after a two month free-for-all) to settle into some structure. Our August school involves lots of outside time, black berry picking, camping, and other fun summery adventures. We do “school lite”, getting our muscles and minds used to routine again before the classes and groups get going in September.


We don't stop learning. Last month we are did our Good Deeds every day. Baking cookies and making fudge are math and science. Snow has brought with it plenty of discussion of weather, as well as outdoor play. We are making gifts and reading lots of books about the holidays. We were used cookies on a full cookie sheet to learn the basics of multiplication.

But there is too much going on for me to make formal lesson plans, and the kids are too excited to really sit and focus on math exercises and games, or hand writing, or even the alphabet. They are enjoying pajama days and lots of freedom to turn the couch into a StarWars spaceship of one variety or another for hours on end. Apparently, as I was writing the first draft of this article, the Baby Jesus was born on said spaceship.

Snow and food dyes and eye-droppers. Is it learning or just good fun? So often there is no clear difference.

Snow and food dyes and eye-droppers. Is it learning or just good fun? So often there is no clear difference.

I wouldn't want to be forcing them into anything more than brushing their teeth. I love that we can decide on and implement a schedule that works for our family; that our adventures and lives don't have to bend to the dictates of someone else's schedule. If I want to take my kids out of town for the both the Summer and Winter Solstice, and neither conflicts with school days. We can just go. And do. Whatever, whenever.

This is what works for us. And isn't that the crux of homeschooling, regardless of your style? We do it our way and make it work for each of us.

Interested in our other reasons we homeschool? It's an ongoing thought process.

Reason One – A Hot Cup of Tea



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