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Felt Rapunzel Ornament Tutorial

This year I had planned on simple ornaments, but then I got all inspired. I envisioned a felt elephant for Baby-Bug…so I started to look at felt ornament ideas online and it was all over. Why make everyone simple little sushi ornaments when I could make them unique, hand sewn ornaments?

I found the tutorial for the Yoda ornament here. The Star Wars obsession for Brother-Bug continues, so I think he will be thrilled with this one. He just saw Empire Strikes Back for the first time too… Yoda doesn't have a light saber in the tutorial, but Sister-Bug was making this with me and was insistent that the lightsaber was necessary. I sewed a toothpick inside it for form and stiffness.

I free-handed this Elephant for Baby-Bug. He is all about Savannah Animals. It happened in a moment of inspiration and I didn't take pictures, so there is no elephhant tutorial. I hope, however, that you can look at the picture and the following tutorial and figure it out on your own…if you are so inclined.
And finally, Rapunzel. The promised tutorial. You will need grey, brown, dress color (I went with pink), and skin color (she's a white Rapunzel) felt. Also a scrap of fabric to make the inside of the tower (the little purple piece), grey, brown, skin colored, dress colored, and green embroidery floss, and a skein of hair colored embroidery floss (we went with blond).

The peices to cut are (top to bottom, left to right) tower back, tower front, tower inside (fabric), roof front and back, Rapunzel's head body, arm, and hand. I don't have a pattern or template, but I can tell you that the tower back is about 2 1/2 inches square.

Use a scrap of iron on glue to stick that fabric scrap to the inside of the tower back, creating dimension for the window. The piece I had that was perfect was almost too small, so I had to be very exact. If I made another one of these, I would cut it big enough to easily cover the window area.

Using a grey embroidery floss, stich the outlines of a few tower bricks on the tower front. I used 3 ply of thread and did 3/8″ stiches (approximately).

Using a brown floss, sew texture onto the front of the roof. Blanket stich around the outside of the roof and attach the roof to the tower front and back. It's all coming together. Sorry for the fuzzy picture. I did this part with Baby-Bug on my lap. Set the tower aside for the moment.

Using about a third of the hair floss, make a 10-12″ loop and tie a knot in the middle. Place that knot in the middle of the head and secure it with a couple of hair colored sticthes. The knot is going to give Rapunzel's face a tiny bit of dimension.

Sew Rapunzel's body, arm, and hand into the window frame. Add her head, keeping the hair out of the way.

Use the ends of your dark grey and pink threads to add an eye and mouth. You could also add these with a pen later, if you wanted…or if you had a green dress…

Blanket stitch around the window opening and the edge of the tower.

Pull her hair down and over the back of her head. I put a stich on the side of her head and the base of her neck to give her hair some stability and form.

Braid the rest of the hair and trim the ends.

The finishing touch was some vines, in stem and lazy daisy stiches, up the tower, and I found some tiny flower buttons to add the finishing touch. I sewed a few on the vines and a couple on Rapunzel's hair.

The last thing to do is to use some embroidery floss or clear thread to make a hanging loop from the top. And she's done!

I can't wait for them to see their ornaments on Christmas morning. I'm pretty sure they are going to love them.



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  1. How clever! Love this – thanks for sharing this tutorial!


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