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Festware Tutorial & Give Away Winners!

The stockings are ready to be hung! I did the give away this morning. Crissy, Platypus, Trista, and Melinda won stockings. Thanks to everyone who participated, and welcome to all my new Facebook fans and Twitter followers. The give away was fun. I'll think about doing others in the future!


Last night I was making Festware. A fiend showed me hers many years ago. It's a favorite gift to make. The people who we've gifted with Festware report that they love it and use it all the time. And it's so easy! Kids can do it and come out with a really nice gift.

Festware is decorated and up-cycled silverware, enhanced with polymer clay.


I made new sets for our family this year. We take these camping and to community festivals (hence the name) and potlucks. No one ever gets our silverware confused with theirs in crazy dish situations! As log as you have general experience working with polymer clay like Sculpey or Fimo, you can look at those and tell what I did. But just for fun…


You'll need your favorite polymer clay and silverware. When choosing silverware, choose it for the narrowest handle; you will be adding a lot of bulk to the handles when you wrap the clay.


I like to have 1-2 main colors and then more embellishment colors. Start with a base color and make a flat piece about twice as wide as your silverware handle and just about as tall.


Wrap the clay around the handle, tightening and smoothing it as you go. You'll probably end up with excess clay at the bottom. Pinch the excess off and smooth the area, or incorporate into your design.


Grab your embellishment colors and add spirals, dots, stripes, letters… Whatever you want! If you look back at the first picture, you can see that I used all kinds of different embellishment techniques.

These guys will bake at 275* for 15 minutes and should be hand washed.

That's it. So easy and fun…maybe I should make a couple sets for another give away?



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  1. I’m excited to see my new stocking! Thank you!


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