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From The Graduates: Holiday Edition

It’s the Holidays. I’m so busy making gifts and cookies and magic that I thought I would simplify with a short “warm fuzzy” edition of The Graduates Feature. 

The Engineer and his pet goose, circa 1986.

The Engineer and his pet goose, circa 1986.

Homeschooling gave my siblings and me some wonderful gifts that we continue to unpack throughout our lives. Some of those gifts are:

  • The ability to self-direct. When we come up with a goal we are confident in our ability to chase that goal and dream. Self-confidence in our personal abilities.
  • Getting to create our own education in a very tactile and personal way, without being taught to just accept the commonly accepted structured-work lifestyle.
  • Learning how to learn and not simply how to test well and regurgitate facts.
  • The closeness of our family – being together all day, every day, for our early years gave us a level of closeness that we cherish and thrive within…even when we make each other crazy.
  • An enthusiasm for…everything. Because we learned how to learn, we are always excited about new things to plug into our brains. Sometimes it can get overwhelming – we all would really like to know all there is to know! – and we are all running many different projects at once… But there is no slowing our brains down.

That was what we came up with off the tops of our heads in a recent discussion. We will be all together for several days soon, to celebrate the Winter Solstice. Who knows what else we might come up with?

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Between us we have more than 45 years of homeschooling experience. What do you want to know about being a homeschooler? Just ask!


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