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I Believe Too

Yesterday I opened my laptop to get some work done. I just about burst into tears, right there in the coffee shop. Nelson Mandela is dead.

Not a huge surprise; 95 is an impressive run. But still.

I’m going to hold forth for just a minute here. This post isn’t directly about parenting or homeschooling…or maybe it is. You can bet your socks my kids will learn all about Nelson Mandela. And the possibility of Peace is pretty important for the future of kids.

I believe in Peace. In beautiful, difficult, arduous, joyous World Peace. I really do. I don’t believe that it’s a “good goal”. It is The Goal. I don’t believe we should try hard and then accept this violent and imperfect world. I believe we should work hard, achieve, and know the world won’t be perfect but it can be peaceful. Nelson Mandela was another believer and I’m going to miss knowing he’s out there in the world, believing with me.

“It always seems impossible until it is done.”

-Nelson Mandela

Does this passing of such a Icon of Non-Violence, during this season where we do lip service to “peace on earth and the brotherhood of man” seem like a call to anyone else? Can we honor Nelson Mandela’s legacy and back those Christmas card sentiments up with action? What can we do? What can you do?

If you honor Nelson Mandela’s legacy with action towards Peace, let me know about it. Post a comment here or in my Facebook page. Let us be inspired by the works if this great man, and the works of one another.

For those Holiday sentiments, to close this post, and a exuberant call to Peace, listen to Peter, Paul, & Mary’s song Light One Candle.


It was this folk group that introduced me to Nelson Mandela with their song No Easy Walk to Freedom. Sing along. Every song for Peace is a prayer for Peace. Raise your voice, and send Nelson Mandela on his way.

Thank you, Nelson Mandela. For years of work. For your inspiration. For your beautiful, gentle smile. For not giving up. Go in Peace.


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