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DIY Gifts – Link Collection

I’ve got a few posts that relate to the holidays. I’ve pulled my favorite gift ideas into this one post for easy searching. I anticipate that I will be adding a couple more festive posts in the near future, but in the meantime, Happy Holiday Season!!

Last year I made these adorable candle holders with my three babies’ footprints. I can’t wait to have them glowing in the window sill again this year! Baby Feet Candle Holder


A favorite gift, and still in frequent use were the hobby horses I made from scraps a couple years ago. Hobby Horses

Even better than the hobby horses were the home made iPhones from last year. The amount of “screen time” the kids have logged on the wooden scraps, the “apps” they have downloaded, the number of times I have posed so they could “Instagram” a picture…It’s been hysterical. Making an iPhone


Another big hit from last year has been the bag of sheets and clamps and rope we threw together for Brother-Bug. The flashlights disappeared, but the rest seems intact and often used! Fort Kit

A few more ideas – kind of potpourri post here in Making It Ourselves.

And if you have kids in the kitchen, you have to check out this fudge recipe. It’s wonderfully tasty fudge and all ages can help make it. And it doesn’t involve boiling sugar to way-to-hot-for-safety. Easiest Fudge


Of course, if you have a bunch of lovely gifts, you will need to wrap them up. Our family uses cloth bags and ribbon. It’s low waste and low mess. All Wrapped Up (A set of these bags could also make a good gift to someone who wants to minimize waste in their home!)

Enjoy creating something wonderful this Holiday Season. Enjoy giving. Enjoy the light and love and warmth that surrounds us.

What are you making?


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