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Art, Math, History

We did a couple of art projects recently that were really fun. Math, art, history…we covered it all in these couple of afternoons! I am so thankful for other parents and teachers who share their inspirations.

The first was this Paint By Number Geometric Shape project.

I drew the grid and the hexagon. Brother-Bug filled in the numbers, working on even/odd and prediction while he rolled a die to get each number.

Then we started painting. I used masking tape on his paint tray to mark which colors were for which number. I loved watching his face we the shape began to emerge.

I simplified the project for Sister-Bug. The letter of her week was H, so I drew a heart and filled her grid in with As and Hs. She got two colors of paint and filled in her heart. She had a ball. And now she is great at the differences between As and Hs.


The results were gorgeous. I don't have a picture of the heart, since she decided to try some scissor work on it as soon as the paint was dry… Preschoolers are fun.

The other wonderful project we did was this Grandma Moses project. Brother-Bug learned about the concept of perspective and they both enjoyed reading about Grandma Moses and working through each step of the project.

Brother-Bug's is on the right. Sister-Bug drew a cast of Little House characters inside her house,

I love the way these turned out, and plan on using them in our Thanksgiving decorating next week. I'm also going to return to this project for other seasons and see how their artwork progresses.

I love how these projects encompass math and artwork in the same place. Brother-Bug enjoys when I show him that math is everywhere and we discovers tick unexpected places – like an art project!


What about your art projects? Any good ones to share?




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