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Gender Bender Baby?

Baby-Bug has grown into a favorite sweater. It was a hand-me-down to Brother-Bug seven years ago, Sister-Bug had her turn in it, now the it's baby's turn.


This seemingly innocuous sweater has been known to make people crazy. They can't tell the gender of the baby wearing it. Is it a boy? It is a blue sweater. Is it a girl? It has a heart on it… It's confusing! The public can't tell what gender this person is!

Oh no. What will we do?

Here's an idea. Maybe we should remember that clothes don't define someone's gender, especially someone who is still having a mom or dad pick out their ensembles.

Really. It's just a sweater.


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  1. It’s never JUST a sweater. In this case, it’s a SUPER FABULOUS sweater. 😉


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