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Reason One – A Hot Cup of Tea

Homeschool families get a lot of questions. One is “Why?” Why do we homeschool? There are so many reasons, but I've pulled together the best and biggest reasons that our family chose to keep our kids home. I was planning on writing out a brief bullet-point list, but it soon became evident to me that each reason is deserving of its own post. There are eight reasons and I plan to write a post about each one, in no particular order and with no particular schedule. Here is reason one:

A Hot Cup of Tea or Going Our Own Speed

I'm a slow-to-start person. I might be awake at 6:15 or earlier, but I need at least an hour to power up, slowly sipping a cup of tea, writing, talking to the kids, making a breakfast, checking my Facebook pages… I have always been this way. I can get up and get going, but I don't like to. Homeschooling fits this need of mine perfectly. We go our own speed.

Here's what I don't have to do: pack lunches, wake kids while it is still dark, hustle them to a bus/carpool…

We wake up and start the morning off, each at our own pace while Papa-Bug heads off to work. If it is sunny out, maybe we eat breakfast outside. If it is a misty morning we sip hot tea. Sister-Bug is an early bird, Brother-Bug sleeps late. I get us out the door for activities a couple days each week…but nothing before nine o'clock. I try to get everyone fed, dressed, and ready for the day by 9:30 or 10. I might wake Brother-Bug up, but mostly because (like his Mama) he needs a while to get his brain going.

On the other end of the day, the kids are small enough that we don't have a lot of extra activities, so we can spend lots of time just checking in as a family. We eat dinner all together almost every night. I have time and energy to cook meals from scratch. There is no scrabbling together homework for the next day and making sure backpacks are packed. One night a week I go out to do some writing on my own. Another night I pack up lunches for the next day of our big errand day. But our pace is mellow.

I think this is important, especially while the kids are little. Sure, they do some school work and chores. They have expectations that we help them meet. But mostly they are free to follow their own pace and desires. They can read or play or draw for hours out of each day. And I can sip my tea, content and knowing that everyone is getting (most) of their needs met in a way we couldn't if a different school framework was part of our picture.


If you are a homeschooler, why do you homeschool? What are your reasons?



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