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Art Dice

Over at Strings and Yarn, Jodie is collecting tutorials for gifts and other maekables in preparation for The Holidays. So many good ideas, and lots of them are very simple. I just sat down with some blank wooden cubes and my Sharpies and made each kid a set of these Art Dice as a stocking stuffer.

There is a small set of Brother-Bug and a larger set for Sister-Bug. I didn't plan it that way – those were the wooden cubes I had. Luckily it will make it easy for them to tell whose is whose. Just 10 minutes with Sharpies and they are done. I think I will make each one a little drawstring bag. I am debating giving them “guidelines” with the set. Brother-Bug often does better with such a thing…but I also want to see where his creativity leads him before he locks into someone else's idea of what to do.

I can think of so many possibilities for these – art tools, writing inspirations, preschool work, goodness knows what else. Brother-Bug often gets stuck on his daily writing exercise and maybe he can use these to break his mental block. I know I am going to be borrowing them from the kids occasionally, and imagine them figuring in our daily school work.

I'm excited to use these…I don't really want to wait for Christmas…



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