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Learning O’Clock

Sister-Bug always wants to know what time it is because she lives from one meal to the next. When I look a the clock and tell her it isn't snack time, she gets really upset with me. Meanwhile, Brother-Bug is learning how to read an analog clock and get his chores done before he gets his computer time.

To support both these kids learning needs, I opened up a simple clock I got at the thrift store. I get everything at the thrift store.

I started with painting the minute hand blue. Just a dab of acrylic paint. I didn't even use a brush – I smoothed it on with my finger. It's not hard to tell long from short, but I wanted to make it even more clear.

I used a blue marker (now the blue minute hand becomes even more relevant) to mark off the minutes and their corresponding numbers. Brother-Bug helped me with this, counting by fives around the clock face. This would be totally sufficient for the 7-year old, but I wanted something the preschooler could use as well.

Our days are pretty routine, so I marked her major events (meals) in pictures around the clock. We drew a sun if it happened during the day and a moon if it was an evening/night event. Sister-Bug helped me choose colors and what to draw, so she is familiar with each simple picture.

We did have to have a conversation that we drew grapes for snack time, but that didn't mean we would always have grapes for snack.

I hung it low where it is easy for both of them to check the time. And it works! I am no longer the authority on whether or not we eat. The clock says it's not snack time, so therefore it's not snack time. Sister-Bug checks the clock and goes off for her quiet time without (as much) issue. Brother-Bug is getting better and better with the analog clocks.




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  1. Brilliant!


  2. What a great idea! Thank you for sharing. ~Blessings~

  3. such a clever and crafty mama!


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