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Star Wars Birthday

Papa-Bug and I used to plan Poetry Slams and art events. We did a lot of theatre. We like costumes and props. All that creative passion finds its way to our kids' events now – birthdays, Halloween costumes, and similar. This year, enamoured with all things StarWars, the birthday party ideas were easy for Brother-Bug. And thanks to the thrift store and plenty of experience from the past event creation, also easy for me.


The cake is just a frosted sheet cake, piped decorations, and an awesome Millenium Falcon I found while thrifting. Score! His face when we revealed the cake (it is a surprise every year) was perfect. I wish I had a picture of that, but I was holding the cake and Papa-Bug was holding the baby. Oh well. I'll just remember.

What this party brought out for you, my loyal readers' enjoyment was a couple of ridiculously simple tutorials. First, Princess Leia. Of course, dress up was key for Brother-Bug, and it follows that Sister-But wouldn't be anyone but Princess Leia. Halloween is coming up, and some of you might need to make your own preschool Leia, so here you go.

Pillowcase Princess Leia

Get a white pillow case a the thrift store. I ended up spending fifty cents on ours. Mark a neck hole on the center fold (bottom) of the sack and armholes along the sides.


Cut the neck and armholes out. Cut small. It's far easier to make an armhole bigger… The pillow case we are using here is a standard size. A taller kid could use a king size. The standard made about a 3T sized costume.


One one side cut a slit about 4-5 inches down, to make the neck hole big enough for Leia's head to get through.


Try it on your aspiring Princess and adjust the neck and armholes. Twirl a few times. She's laughing because she's wearing a pillowcase. It was so funny to her.


Run gathers on both shoulders. Cut a strip of white fabric or ribbon to use as a belt. I tacked the belt to one side so it would stay on and in place.


From here you can finish it off as much as you want to. Bias tape on the raw edges, facings, Velcro on the neck opening… I just left it all raw and unfinished. It was a chilly day, so we layered it over a white turtle neck (leftover from her Dorothy costume from last Halloween). It was perfect.


Princess Leia and Han Solo. Bless you, thrift stores.


Our Death Star piñata was a ball that I covered with tissue paper, white glue, and then an layer of glittery wrapping paper, the details were just sharpie.The light saber is a dowel with the red side of the same glittery wrapping paper and a duct tape handle.

There was a last minute project. I had made, per Birthday Boy Request, a lemon cake. There was a layer of home made lemon curd in the middle. Which meant I had a bunch of egg whites to use up. What to do with 5 egg whites, little time, and a Star Wars party….

One more easy tutorial!

Light Saber Meringues

Use a basic meringue recipe. We dyed our light sabers red and green, flavored almond and peppermint respectively. Color and flavor are up to you.

With a wide piping end, pipe 3-4 inch tubes on to parchment. Get them as straight and smooth as possible – these are elegant weapons for a more civilized age, right?


Sprinkle most of each light saber with matching colored sugar. Bake as your recipe recommends.


Melt some chocolate, and dip the un-sugared ends to represent handles. Brother-Bug and I both wished for a red candy dot of some kind to accent the handle. Maybe another time…with more planning.


Voila! Easy light sabers. And ever so tasty, too.


All in all, it was a fun, fabulous, successful birthday. I think my guy feels fully seven and we all had a great time at the party.







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  1. Very cool! That Leia costume looks great!



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