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The Ballet Recital

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Brother-Bug has completed another year of ballet. He has been moved from Pre-Ballet to Ballet One. I am so proud of how hard he has worked and how far he has come. Last year I wrote about how important performance is in our family history. Since then Brother-Bug has been in The Nutcracker and his recent recital. He longs to join the Musical Theatre Camp at his ballet school, but he's not old enough until next year.


His class danced “Diamonds” in a jewel themed recital. He was thrilled with the amount of bling on his costume.


Backstage, where I was volunteering, was bedlam. The kids tried to keep it mellow…but who are we kidding? 100-ish kids of many ages hyped on performance nerves, crowded into three small dressing rooms? It was wonderful madness.


Brother-Bug colored and talked with his friends while we waited for his part in the show. He did an admirable job of not giving in to the pre-show excitement or stage fright.


When our “helpers” showed up, it was time to line up. Helpers are young dancers in the upper levels of ballet who keep the little kids pointed the correct direction on the stage. Their patience with the many little ones they usher through backstage corridors, childish dances, and post-performance-freak-outs is admirable. Keeping 10 antsy 6-year olds calm and quiet, in line, backstage takes tremendous skill!


Our diamond dancers behaved like professionals, standing quietly out of the way until it was time to go on. They craned their necks to see the dancers on stage – older dancers twirling on their points – anticipation building.


I watched Brother-Bug dance, craning my neck to see him past the wings and other dancers. I'm looking forward to getting our copy of the DVD so I can watch him dance from the front.

Finally, to Brother-Bug, as he puts his tights and slippers away for the summer break:

You are a beautiful dancer. Shine on, you crazy diamond.



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  1. Your little boy with his bling and his love of dance completely supported brought a tear to my eye. So many parents “protect” their children by diminishing those passions that might bring ridicule. Heartbreaking.

    You go Brother bug and you go parents! Love this blog.

    • Thank you so much. I can’t imagine squishing any kid’s interest and passion for any reason. It’s nice to hear support from people like you who don’t even know us. Truly, it means a lot.


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