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Blog Birthday!

It's two years ago today that I got this blog officially announced on Twitter. We'd just moved into our new house. I started it in a desperate need to do something that didn't involve boxes.

Its been a fun two years. I love writing. I love sharing what my eclectic world looks like. I've been thinking about narrowing the focus – just to homeschooling, for example – but that's not the way my life is. Homeschooling touches everything else. Cooking nutritious food is a daily activity. Parenting is all pervasive. Life is eclectic and bizarre, therefore the blog is as well.


I haven't been writing as much in the last month, due to this growing boy. He's 5-months old now. Almost sitting on his own, and definitely grabbing everything he can get his hands on. Especially the iPad or keyboard – he just loves to “help” write. So my already minimal writing time is reduced again. He will get bigger and I will be able to type without assistance soon enough.

But regardless of the amount of time I actually have to write… I have some great stuff brewing, and new features coming up. I'm looking forward to this project's continued evolution through the next year and further. I'm glad you're reading this – it's nice to have you along for the ride.

Happy Blog Birthday to me!



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