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Fairy Dollies

Tomorrow is the last day to buy Herb Fairies for this year. Because of the cyclical, seasonal, nature of the program you can jump on board only one week each year. My last post detailed some of the many reasons we love our Fairy Friends.

Herb Fairies has given us so much inspiration, so I thought I would show you one of the things we have done – beyond reading the books and playing with the journals, recipes, and other resources. With scraps from the scrap bin, some old silk flowers, and a little creativity, we transformed two of our Groovy Girl dolls into two Herb Fairies!


We got Sister-Bug interested anew in the Fairies, now that she has her own Stellaria to play with. Brother-Bug got to work with me to develop some design and sewing skills. And now we have two Fairies to share our Herb Fairies adventures with.


So… Are you still wondering if you should invest? Did you check out the Activity Pack? You'll get introduced to Stellaria if you do.

Hurry! After tomorrow you'll have to wait a whole year!



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  1. Hi, I LOVE this idea! I don’t know if you are on Facebook but we started and Herb Fairies group. I took your pictures and added them to our group for ideas. (I hope you don’t mind…. I did add your blog for credit) we would all love it if you could join if you are on FB. Search for Herb Fairies Friends 2013.


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