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I don’t usually recommend products on my blog. I write about foods from local farms and that’s about it. But I’m making an exception right now. And if you keep reading to the end, you will find a link to get a Free Kids (or Adults – goodness knows I’m kind of a grown up and I enjoy this stuff) Activity Pack.


Last year I bought Herb Fairies from the makers of the game Wildcraft! I looked it over, read the philosophy and benefits of having this program, and decided it was a good investment for our family. I’m an herbalist by education, and helping my kids connect with plants and healing is more than a little important to me. They are used to Mama nipping into the tincture closet for a bottle of this or that for colds and flus and every other thing. They wildcraft nettles and all manner of other plants by my side every year. I have several books for kids about herbalism and I have every confidence in my ability to teach my kids herbalism.

Herb Fairies is something more. They get to really own their knowledge and as both their educator mother and an herbalist I have loved watching both kids get a solid foundation in the magic of herbal healing.


Each month for a year, a new book is released. I keep them on my iPad, though you can print out a PDF version or order a “real book” version. There is an audible version, and associated worksheets, recipes, coloring pages, and all kinds of fun materials for each book. The Little-Bugs have adored the monthly anticipation of a new book.

In each book, a group of kids go on an adventure with the fairies from The Fairy Herb Garden. They are guided by one particular fairy (Violet, Rose, etc…) and learns the remedies specific to that plant. The job of the four children in the book is to bring the plant magic back into a world that is forgetting it. The format and storylines make it easy for a kid to recal the story and use the knowledge gained in the book while out in the real world.

I liked how I feel like I am a magic keeper – like the kids in the books. I learned that Dandelion is so strong that it can heal fevers and even some kinds of cancer. The funnest part of Herb Fairies was finding out what herb each fairy belongs to. Kids should have Herb Fairies because people are actually forgetting the plant magic and this will help kids remember the plant magic.

(Brother-Bug, 6-years old)

My kids have barely scratched the surface of Herb Fairies. We didn’t do the worksheets last year because Brother-Bug was pre-writing. We were content with the coloring pages and reading the books over and over. Sister-Bug likes listening to the stories, or having Brother-Bug read them to her. As they get older we will delve deeper into the recipes, worksheets, and other projects that the Fairies inspire.


A favorite memory of the last year was my sweet little herbalists attempting to forcibly apply a poultice to a friend. The friend had scraped her knee and my kids were on it! They rushed to the chickweed patch and had a (almost well-constructed) poultice on their friends knee before she knew what had happened. It was very caring of them.

Kids should have Herb Fairies because kids like fairies. I liked when the children got to visit the fairies, like Stellaria (ed. her favorite fairy).

(Sister-Bug, 3-years old)

So here is the thing about Herb Fairies. You can buy it only once a year. Right now. Because the books have a story line that releases a chapter at a time over 12 months, you have to get in at the beginning or wait for a year.

You have until April 13th! Go quickly. Explore the website and resources.

You want to check it out of course, and have a quick introduction to Sister-Bug’s favorite Fairy. So here you have a taste (bad pun – there are recipes included) of all the magic Herb Fairies will bring to your family.

Free Kids Activity Pack

These fairies have been, and will continue to be, and invaluable part of our homeschooling curriculum.

(Finally, keep your eye on this blog. Brother-Bug is going around another year with his Fairies, and is excited to have a monthly feature to share his herbal adventures with you!)


Also, if you’re heading over to check it out anyway… Look at the game Wildcraft! It’s great addition to the Herb Fairies, really fun, and my kids strongly recommend it as well.



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