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Leftover Lamb Chops?


We are at that inconvenient family stage where we need a little more meat than is in one frozen package, but not really much more… So we end up with extra meat. This weekend we had several leftover lamb chops – and these are good, organic Deck Family Farm chops that we don't want to waste. We also had one languishing pizza crust tht desperately needed to be used.


Recently I read this article by Megn Francis about creatively using leftovers. It's been helping me think differently about what is in the fridge, making better – different – creative – foods from leftovers.

On this pizza crust we put pesto (we used our own home made nettle pesto, but regular basil would be excellent too), kalamata olives, cheese, feta, and the meat from the left over lamb chops. Papa-Bug cleaned the meat off the chops and ran it through the meat grinder so that we could sprinkle the lamb evenly across the pizza. It baked for about 25 minute at 400*.

There were no leftovers.

Except for the lamb bones. Those will be made into a nice slow cooker bone broth today.



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