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I look at homeschool daily task charts and envision skiing something like that for our days…but I'm not that organized. Every day around here is a little different and that's not going to change. So I started thinking about alternatives and the dry-erase idea kept coming up.

Dry erase boards are super helpful for…pretty much everyone. But they aren't always pretty, and after a while the white plastic coating just looks yucky even if you are diligent about wiping them down with alcohol frequently. They don't inspire.

For less than five bucks and ten minutes I made us a daily wipe-off board that is attractive. I can leave a note for Papa-Bug, we can make our list of school tasks for each day, and write down our goals and visions that we are working towards. We can tailor it each day to the nature of that day.


I made it from a 10×14 frame from the thrift store and a couple pieces of scrapbook paper. The glass is wipeable and the whole thing can be dismantled, glass washed, paper changed up, and then put back together.

After we had used that for a couple of days I had an inspiration, so I grabbed another frame.

Brother-Bug has been working really hard on handwriting. Often we need to just work on the movement of a letter, repeating it over and over. Often he needs me to show him the letter as a reminder. We can go through a lot of paper.


A white piece of paper, ruler, and colored markers and that up-cycled frame is our new wipeable hand writing board! The background here actually has three different line sizes to choose from (can you see them all?). As his hand writing refines I can make other lined backgrounds.

With this board we can do all the practice we need to do, especially working on the large movements – writing very big letters – before we try to get those movements small. We can repeat “m” over and over, then wipe it off and move of to “2”. He also likes to pull it out for independent writing practice; I love anything that inspires my kids to do their own learning.


What size frame would you use? Would you do something specific like a writing board, or something more general? I'm thinking of making a kitchen board laid out for our weekly menu. How else could you customize a wipe-board?





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  1. I made one like this that says “I love you because ________________” under the glass. We use the dry erase pens to send little love messages to each other (although we don’t use it as much as we did at first).


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