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Teething Tricks

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Those are two tiny teeth in that young mouth. For good or ill, I make early teethers. Brother-Bug got his first tooth the day after he was four-months old. Sister-Bug was closer to the norm – around 6 months she had her teeth. Baby-Bug has them beat; he cut those first two teeth just days after he was three-months old.

A three-month old is really too little to be getting teeth. What kind of cruelty is it to send teething to someone who can't even hold a teething toy!?

For this young age, I pump some milk and freeze it in small cubes. We pop one in a mesh feeder and hold it while he cools his gums on the only flavor he likes. It's fairly effective.

When he starts to really cut his top teeth, he'll get a bone. We made ribs for dinner the other night and I saved two of the bones. They are clean and waiting in the freezer. A good, organic beef bone has things in it a baby can put to use if they scrape a little off on those sharp (so sharp! ow!) teeth. There are plenty of vitamins and minerals and all kinds of good nutrients in a beef bone. It's not plastic and it's filled with marrow instead of some unidentified colored fluid.

And now that we have teeth, we have to start taking care of them. Luckily a baby this age is into chewing on paper and fabrics. I soak a clean cloth in a mixture that is 1 part each hydrogen peroxide and xylitol, and 3 parts water and let him chew away. But I'm not too worried about until he starts eating. Breast milk won't rot baby teeth… Because wouldn't that be an error in design if it did?

I was hoping, really praying, that this baby would be a late teether…or at least an average age when those teeth popped through. Sigh. Thwarted again.



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  1. Do you worry about bone fragments coming off the rib? Also, I’ve heard early teethers don’t have as hard a time, do you think that’s true? Glad u are sharing these great tips 🙂

    • I’ve never had fragments come off the bones. There is a story in a family I know…their crawling teether was under the table with a chicken bone and managed to eat the whole bone! Said teether will be turning 13 this summer. I check the bones as they are working on them. I’ll file off anything that looks sharp. But if you watch a dog chew a bone, you can see that it takes a lot of jaw power to break off a fragment of bone.

      I have no idea if early teethers have an easier time. Each of my babes has been so different – sometimes from tooth to tooth!


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