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{Sunday's heartfelt tradition. A time to slow down, to reflect, to be grateful. A list of gratitudes.}

The past two Sundays there have been kids with fevers requiring my attention. It has distracted me from writing and almost everything else. That said, this week I am grateful for…

*Two babies making it home! In my circle of moms there were two babes in the NICU for various reasons. I've been watching their status and doing my best to support from afar, and snuggling my own healthy babies extra. But this week, both babies are home! No tubes, no monitors, no poking and prodding. Just cozy snuggles. Thank any and all Gods who are listening.

*Being a stay-at-home-mom. I'm always grateful for this, but the last month and a half of illness in every family member would have decimated any sick time we had… Since I stay home anyway, we just hunker down. I'm so happy not to have to juggle a job outside our home while trying to heal the people inside our home.

*Papa-Bug having a job that gives him paid sick-days so I can lay down when I'm really sick.

*Instant watch! It's been keeping everyone sane while we deal with our germ onslaught.

*My sick day. It's rare that I get a day off. The day I had a high fever, aches, and chills, I zoned out all day to The West Wing. Baby-Bug came in to nurse. Besides that, I pretty much had a day off…

*My new mug. I've been wishing for one of these for many years.

*A walk in the sun while talking to my best friend on the phone.

*Getting little projects done… You know the ones that are little and easy, so you put them off? Crossing those off always feel especially good.

*Having a pantry full of good, home canned food. Especially the bone broths,though the peaches are exceptionally lovely on a dreary day.

*Getting some early spring yard work done. Noticing the budding hyacinth, pruning the roses…

*A deepening understanding of what we want out of our yard and garden projects. It's the process of still getting to know myself after all these years. I like discovering who I am and what I do.

*Listening to Sister-Bug give good herbal advice to a friend with a cough. Hearing Brother-Bug gently remind Papa-Bug that too many video games will “melt the brain”. We are doing something right.

*A fun app to play with color in photos. It's making me look at pictures differently.

*A friend who listened and didn't judge when I needed some support. I'm lucky to have many of those inky world.

*A wonderful hike on a sunny day.


This comes from a tradition of Gratitude over at WoolyMossRoots. I'm trying to be as consistent as Taryn is, and I love it when I actually get around to it!



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