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All-In-One Project

A daily homeschooling challenge is teaching many levels – especially when two of those levels are preschool or earlier. Sister-Bug loves school time and has her projects and special school crayons, but it is often difficult to balance the baby, engage the preschooler, and give Brother-Bug the attention he deserves for his first-grade work.

I love finding a fun project that engages both older kids and covers multiple subjects. In my head it checks off; win! win! win! win! Our recent project in measurement was justo elf those kinds of projects.

I printed out two simple body outlines (here). Each kid got a measuring tape, clipboard with their “body” and markers or crayons.

Sister-Bug got measured first – they each chose four different measurements on their body that they were curious about. Sister-Bug had Brother-Bug measure her arm, head, leg, and foot.


We learned about holding and accurately using a tape measure and how to write “1/2”. they drew on their outline where they had measured and we noted the inches on the side of the paper. Brother-Bug did all the writing on both sheets, so we covered hand writing (Brother-Bug), math concepts (both), colors & body parts (Sister-Bug), and of course working together.


Each kid chose to measure different body parts. I thought about having them measure the same parts, but didn't want to force the issue. Choosing what to measure gave them choice and power in their project and so they had more fun. We have plenty of time to do comparisons in our math explorations. When we were done with each sheet we had a simple paper that was fairly easy to read and understand. And we had a lot of fun just messing around with different ways to use the measuring tape.


Once Sister-Bug was done playing with measuring tapes, I turned her sheet over to herr sheet with her crayons and asked her to write down her discoveries. She was busy for long enough for Brother-Bug and me to finish his measurements, at which point Sister-Bug enerstly explained all her scribbles to me.

Baby-Bug participated by chewing on his favorite pink washcloth.




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