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Making An iPhone

Like so many parents, our kids are fascinated by our phones. Admittedly, I am fascinated by my phone. It lights up, plays music, connects me to so much – I have the whole Internet in my pocket! Shortly before Christmas, Brother-Bug started making found pieces of paper (old envelopes and whatnot) into “his iPhone”. He would draw some buttons on one side, and sometimes an apple on the other. He and Sister-Bug would cart these around, freak when they lost them, and spend lots of time “downloading apps”.

I realized that an easy toy to make would actually be an iPhone for each of them, and then I could recycle the envelopes without worrying that I was growing away someone's phone. Papa-Bug made a run to the hardware store…

You will need: a piece of wood scrap approximately iPhone sized, sandpaper, black paint, silver paint or aluminum foil, photoshop, printer, card stock, color printer, decoupage glue, high-gloss acrylic spray sealer.

1) Sand the wood, remove sharp corners, and generally smooth it out.

2) Paint the piece black on all sides.

3) To make the silver edge, I used my Xyron sticker maker to make aluminum foil sticky. I cut it to narrow strips and applied them around the edge of the phone.

4) On the Internet, find a picture of an iPhone. We put ours into Photoshop and made it the right size, pixel depth for printing, etc. We also made a small apple logo to cut out for the back of the phone. Because we made two phones, we printed a white apple inside a colored circle. The color circles are different, so it's easy to tell whose phone is whose. Print it out onto the card stock.

5) Carefully cut the front and apple logo out. Use the decoupage glue to smooth the phone face and apple logo into place. Let everything dry completely.

6) Spray the phone with the high-gloss sealer. We did 2 layers on each side. It's important to use high-gloss so that your phone has the high-shine of an actual phone.

Brother-Bug adores his phone. Sister-Bug mostly loves hers, though sometimes she gets angry that it doesn't “go” when she swipes the screen. But on the whole, they have a ton of fun making calls and playing Angry Birds, or whatever they do. It was such a simple and inexpensive present. Thank goodness for inspirations!







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