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Recipe: Bouncy Juice

When we are sick – as one kid or another has been for a month now! – we do our best to cut out sugar and dairy. I try to stock our snacks with “good-for-you” sweets like tangerines.

But it was Valentine's Day and we wanted to make a special dessert for Papa-Bug. Under normal circumstances we would do something rich and fun like we did for his birthday. We had been hoping that everyone would be well enough for chocolate mousse (something the Little-Bugs have been wanting to try since reading about it in Dealing With Dragons). But that much dairy and sugar is not on our menu while we kick this virus out the door.

So…Bouncy Juice!


Most people know Bouncy Juice by the more popular title “Jello”. When Brother-Bug was two he observed that his “juice is bouncy”, when we fed him a jello dessert. And thus it was named.

Bouncy Juice is almost too easy. And you can give kids generous servings without feeling guilty or dealing with refined sugar hypers. I love that.

Additionally, there are few limitations to how creative you can be with this dessert. I love that too.

The one thing to say is that this relies on gelatin, which is not vegetarian. I know there are alternatives out there, but I haven't used them. If someone has, let me know how they work and what needs to change in this recipe to accommodate a vegetarian adaptation.

All you need:

4-5 packets plain gelatin (we get it in a box of 20+ packs in the baking aisle)

4-5 cups of 100% (sugar free) juice

Optional fruit – fresh, canned, favorites…

Pour 1/2 the juice into a bowl. Sprinkle the gelatin on top and let it soften. Heat the other 1/2 juice to boiling. Remove from the heat and pour into the cold juice. Stir the start the gelatin dissolving.

Put any fruit you are using into a gelatin mold (or large bowl). Pour the juice mixture over the fruit and refrigerate for 4-5 hours.

You can use any juice you like – or combination of juices! You could make your own fresh juice. You could spike your desert with wine or liqueur if it is for grown-ups. You can make any number of desserts and treats with this Bouncy Juice as a base. And you can feel good about serving it as a fancy and pretty-darn-healthy-dessert at any party.

My kids give it rave reviews.


And… If you haven't read Dealing With Dragons… Well, you just should. Trust me.





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