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The Magic Clove

Ear infections a terrible.

Poor Sister-Bug has been well and truly struck down by the nefarious cold viruses going around our community right now. Honestly I have no idea at this point – three weeks of assorted cold symptoms – if we are dealing with one long cold, or if there have been several different colds in close order.

The recent manifestation has included infections in both ears. Happily, I have a trick for ear infections, one that has served me well for many years. Garlic.

Before I go further, let me tell you clearly that I am not a doctor. This is merely what I have used on sore ears in my family and is not medical advice. If you try this out, it is on your own initiation. You are responsible for your own choices.

I choose a clove of garlic that will sit comfortable in the outer ear – not so small it will slip in and not so big it will be uncomfortable to lay on. I peel the garlic very carefully – if it has any cuts or bruises it will be too strong. When its peeled I put it in the sore ear and hold it in place with athletic tape or a band-aid. I try to keep it in place for 24 hours. That almost always stops the earache in its tracks. And if it doesn't, I know I am dealing with something I want to see a doctor about.

The oils that make garlic so tasty are also really good at killing germs. In 6 1/2 years I have been to the doctor about ear aches once. I swear that the garlic is magic.



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