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To Play In A Box

Last week we got a morning delivery that included a large box.

We were all ready to do some of our daily school work. I believe it is important to provide some regular school structure in our days. It's not always at the same time and not always the same subjects, but I do try to gather us around the table for “school time” 3-4 days each week.

The other side of the goal of structure and routine is knowing when to let the structure go; knowing when the un-structured adventure of the moment is more important than handwriting or math time. Like when a giant box Millennium Falcon has just been delivered.


They have been in and out of their box all week. They have drawn blasters and light-speed engines on the sides. They have been working on sharing the box and evolving games around the box. Due to recent obsessions it has mostly been Star Wars based games, but Sister-Bug keeps it fresh by being a different character every 10 minutes or so.

“What if Glinda was flying the Falcon while Luke blasts the tie fighters?”

They decided that Baby-Bug is obviously R2D2 – he's small and no one can understand what he is saying.


One of the big reasons we homeschool is just this; the ability to flex and change and live within the moment. We want to not just allow these people the unstructured time to create their own magical worlds without time constraints, but to encourage that kind of free play. There is plenty of time to learn to write and work out math problems. They will fit into this box, the two of them together, for such a short time.

The box is worse for the wear right now. This Milennium Falcon has seen several battles. It will go in the recycling this week, and I anticipate some tears. And that's part of the learning process too. We will bid goodbye to our box and return to our regularly scheduled school time… Until the next box shows up.



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