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{Sunday's heartfelt tradition. A time to slow down, to reflect, to be grateful. A list of gratitudes.}

This past week I have been grateful for:

*The amazing ability to make milk. It's so easy for me, and so valuable to not only Baby-Bug, but also his new little Milk-Brother who needs all the fat he can get!

*My sister. She sent me a very considerate birthday present and we've had some wonderful phone conversations.

*Reading aloud with the Little-Bugs. We started Dealing With Dragons this week. It's one of my all time favorites and I'm enjoying sharing it with them.

*Finding new graces to say at dinner time. Of course we still have our old favorites, but it is nice to have some new ways to say Thank You as well.

*Sister-Bug's silly little giggle. It is one of my favorite sounds ever.

*Papa-Bug declaring that January 11th will now be International Brinner Day. He made sausages, hash browns, eggs, and pancakes and we feasted. And we put it on the calendar for next year.


*The clarification and refining of some thoughts and personal work I have been trying to sort out for mild for a while. It's nice to have sorted though and come to conclusions that I feel I can wrap my mind around and articulate. That's vague, but I'll leave it there.

*Brother-Bug willingly helping with clean up in the living room and playroom. It has dawned in him that he likes tidy spaces and that just helping is way easier than fighting the process. He and I have really enjoyed cleaning up together this week! A refreshing change.

*The Happiness Project Journal I got for my birthday. I love the simplicity of one sentence each day, and the format of the book itself. It has felt inspiring.


Also, I am adding a secondary project on top of this weekly exercise in gratitude. Last year I started making one artistic thought card each week that I hung up and looked at daily. I lost track of the project in the throes of morning sickness. I have started again. Each week I will end the gratitude post with my thought of the week. I invite you to contemplate along with me.

*I am grateful for art supplies, wonderful thoughts to illustrate, and the ability to create wee bits of art.



This comes from a tradition of Gratidude over at WoolyMossRoots. I'm trying to be as consistent as Taryn is, and I love it when I actually get around to it!



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  1. what a great idea. and a lovely card. have an amazing week. 🙂

  2. Breakfast for dinner is awesome! 🙂


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