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The Fort Kit

I love concocting gifts out of recycled, up-cycled, and thrift items. It feels so clever to get s five-star gift out of ingenuity. One of our most successful gifts this Christmas was the Fort Kit we made for Brother-Bug.

Fort components. Of course we got the most flamboyant sheets we could.

We got a couple of sheets at the thrift store. Brother-Bug was even there when I bought them and helped pick them out…I told him we were buying table cloths. Papa-Bug hit the hardware store for assorted clamps and rope. We got a couple of flashlights. I pulled some clothesline out of winter storage.

I sewed a large bag (a pillowcase would also work) with a drawstring. We put everything in the bag and I painted “Brother-Bug's Fort Kit” on the bag.

I'm actually not sure who loves the kit more – Brother-Bug or Papa-Bug. We have had such fun stringing up forts in every room in the house (except the bathroom). When the Christmas Crazies were taking over the Little-Bugs' brains on Christmas Day, we made a fort for watching a movie and the cuddled up inside with a Frosty the Snowman.

The movie fort, over the couch, around the laptop, kids are quiet inside!



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  1. I know who loves the kit more.

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