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{Sunday's heartfelt tradition. A time to slow down, to reflect, to be grateful. A list of gratitudes.}

With the excitement of Nutcracker, Christmas, and having Papa-Bug home for a stay-cation I absolutely forgot last Sunday was Sunday. So this week I am looking back two weeks and feeling grateful for:

*Extended vacation with Papa-Bug. He was able to take another two weeks off and we scaled our holidays way back this year so that we could enjoy another baby-moon. It's been a very sweet a precious time, and really nice to have a very mellow Holiday season.

*Our Nutcracker experience was excellent…so many things I am thankful for from that evening. Watching Brother-Bug in his first Nutcracker performance! The 30 seconds he was on stage totally made me tear up. Watching Sister-Bug see the magic of the Nutcracker unfold for her first theatre show. Baby-Bug being sleeping or quiet and alert for the whole performance! And our friend in the ballet company who made a point of saying hi to Brother-Bug and his group – which totally made a nervous Baby Mouse feel Big.

*A group of Mamas who love and support each other without judgement and who kept me laughing as we talked online over the holidays.
*The little rituals of Christmas that are specific to our family – like cookies for breakfast on Christmas Eve – and the greater rituals that I know others share with us – like putting out cookies and milk for Santa. I love how these rituals bind my family together and also connect us to the greater world around. I might see only our cookie plate, but I know I am in good company with families all over the world as we write our notes to Santa and carefully choose which cookies we offer on the alter of magic and belief.
*That my children believe in Santa Claus. I don't know what I will do if they ever leave me and my belief in magics behind…

*My mom compiled recipes from her mom (who died before I was born) into a wonderful family cookbook for us for a gift. I'm looking forward to exploring some culinary history there.

*The ability to flex with shifting traditions. The last decade, or so, our traditions have been pretty consistent. They changed a lot this year and I've learned a lot about us as a family as we negotiated a differ year.

*Time with all three of my biological siblings. They are some of the strangest, greatest, most creative people I know. Life would be tremendously dull without them.

*Christmas Morning with the Little-Bugs was exactly right. I'm so glad they have all the wonderful magic and anticipation of Christmas.

*A warm house. We've had some cold days – the kind of days where the cold can just settle in your bones. I've been so grateful for our toasty warm house and down comforter, and the Little-Bugs who surround me with warmth when we sleep.
*Audible books. They help me doze off when Mama-Insomnia gets in my head. I'm more rested because Eric Idle had the good sense to read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory into a recording device. That's a good thing on so many levels.
*Two wonderful months with Baby-Bug. All the chichés about time flying when you're a parent are true. It's been two months already!? He is now a pro at smiling in response to seeing a face. He is the cutest damn thing in the world.

This comes from a tradition of Gratidude over at WoolyMossRoots. I'm trying to be as consistent as Taryn is, and I love it when I actually get around to it!


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  1. ❤ what a beautiful list. so many blessings. my dh has been off work for about a week now, it feels like a very long long sunday, wonderful!

  2. Great list and wonderful pictures of your cutie pies. 🙂


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