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Recipe: Tiramisu with Fudge


While wandering through the thrift store a while back I found lovely large brandy snifters. Papa-Bug loves these for drinking certain beers, so I grabbed them for a Birthday present.

Later that same day (I love synchronicity) Nigella Lawson mentioned her recipe for Tiramisini on Twitter. She serves those in little martini glasses, but I knew that was a mere detail.

Reading the recipe over, I decided it needed a little something else. We made a quick and easy batch of orange fudge and spread a thin layer of the warm fudge on top of the lady fingers and coffee. That worked. Really well.

So – use the two recipes linked above. After soaking the lady fingers, spread the fudge to make a thin layer. Add the whipped egg white topping. For the kids, I served theirs in small wine glasses and used hot cocoa in place of coffee, and no liqueurs in the cocoa. They did get a little Marsala in the topping.

I garnished ours with a dusting of cocoa powder and orange zest.



Happy Birthday.




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