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Baby Feet Candle Holder

I saw two different projects while looking around for ideas online. The two came together in my mind to make this wonderful memory craft for my three babies.

The tree on each candle holder are their newborn footprints. I printed their name and the year of their first Christmas at the bottom.

First I saw this footprint idea. I thought of using to make our holiday cards, but didn't want to make cards this year. Maybe another year. But I loved the idea and I tucked it away to use later.

Then I saw this candle holder idea. Wonderful! The two came together and our candle holders were born – at least in my mind.

You will need: baby footprints, a scanner/color printer, basic photo editing skills, a piece of vellum, a large vase (easily found at the dollar store), permanent markers, modge podge.

I scanned the foot prints and used Photoshop to crop and arrange them, and color them green. I also typed the name/year in the lower corner. Print that out and let it dry. Pay attention when you print – if your vellum has a design like mine did it will bleed on one side. If you have vellum with a print, make sure you print on the smooth side.


I used my Prismacolor markers to add the trunk, sky, and gold stars. Make sure it's not a water based marker so the color doesn't run later. Let that dry for a few minutes.


Trim your vellum to fit the vase. Spread a layer of modge podge on the vase and carefully smooth your footprint piece on. It will get wrinkly and bubbly. Add another layer of modge podge over the top to seal it. Allow to dry for several hours.

If your top and bottom edges aren't even, use a sharp craft knife to trim off excess.


I know these are going to be favorites to pull out of storage – especially as their feet get bigger and bigger.



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