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Such busy times! With the holidays and family in and out of town and Baby-Bug attaining his first full month (how did that happen already!?) our days are full to the brim. This give me a lot to be thankful for…things like:

* An extra day with my Dad and his wife. Their flight was delayed, so we got an extra play date with them, totally unexpected and delightful to have the extra time. They might not make it out there again before Aline or adult, so the extra time was particularly cherished.

* Finishing Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Papa-Bug has been reading it to us in the evenings and its been delightful to start to share this magical story with Brother-Bug.

* Sister-Bug showing me what kind of books she will sit still for. She really didn't enjoy Harry Potter, but sat still for some other longer books, begging to read them. Now I can choose chapter books that she will also enjoy – maybe our family reading time will be less interrupted…

* Papa-Bug baking the first round of Christmas cookies with the Little-Bugs. Yum!

* Eggnog. It might not be the best thing in the world for my body, but its so good for my spirit.

* Baby-Bug getting chubbier and chubbier every day. He is developing dimples in the most delightful places.

* Candlelight at dinner time, combined with long dark evenings to enjoy the candlelight.

* The group of homeschoolers we play with weekly. The conversations with the other moms, the way the kids all play together really well, learning basic science all over again… Our weekly science & play group is rapidly becoming the high point of our week.

* The guys at our Christmas Tree lot. A friend runs it and we've been getting our tree there for years. They are nice, fairly priced, and really enjoy what they are doing. They get the kids super involved – teaching Brother-Bug how to really smell a tree to help with the decision for example.

* Our most successful Great Toy Give Away ever. Neither kid truly balked or fussed. In fact, they started out giving generously, trying to give more than they gave last year. I am really, really proud of them.

* Fun making gifts and sharing skills with friends. We just made a huge pile of freezer-paper shirts and shopping bags to give as gifts. Papa-Bug took the kids out while I played. I even created something for myself!

* Our house covered in all kinds of glitz and glam for the month. All of us love to really do it up for the Holidays. And I love it.

* All three kids actually cooperating for our family holiday photo! Usually Brother-Bug hates the camera and resists any picture we try to take of him. Today he was very cooperative, smiled nicely, and didn't scream when the flu went off. Sister-Bug hammed it up as she always does. Baby-Bug managed to not look too bizarre – quite a feat for a newborn face.

* The remembering and reminiscing that happens between all of us as we unpack the tree ornaments. Each one is a small piece of our history and I love reviewing that history with the kids every year.

* Listening to the Little-Bugs explaining the world to Baby-Bug. It's hilarious to hear what they think of the world and how they interpret it for their brother.

* My loving, supportive, and understanding husband. He knows what I mean.

* The gradual returning of my brain, post-birth. I enjoy the blur and bliss of the Babymoon, and it's equally enjoyable to get my brain back little by little.

* Wearing my real clothes! I'm not wearing any maternity clothes right now, and I'm enjoying having my own wardrobe back.

* Our glittering and glowing Christmas Tree. I know I already mentioned decorations and reminiscing about our ornaments, but our tree is something special. I love having it shining in the window.


This comes from a tradition of Gratitude over at WoolyMossRoots. I'm not as consisitent as Taryn is, but I try and I love it when I actually get around to it!



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  1. I love your list this week. So heartwarming.
    I’m looking forward to putting our decorations up.

  2. P.S. I LOVE the Harry Potter books…. a lot! 🙂

    • One of my favorite parts of parenting is sharing those favorite books with kids. We’ve been looking forward to reading Harry Potter with our kids since well before we had kids…


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