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Archival: The Great Toy Give-Away

It’s almost the First Saturday of December. It’s almost time for The Great Toy Give-Away.

You can read the complete article here, from my archives.

In a nutshell, we will be going through our toy mountain on Saturday morning, looking for things we no longer use or can bear to part with. When we have filled a box or two, we will take them down to our local shelter for house-less families. They have a room there for parents to “shop” in, to ensure that all their kids get presents at this time of year.

It’s been hard some years; giving away toys is difficult. But every year I am so pleased and proud to see how much the Little-Bugs are willing to give. And I think (I hope) that every year it gets a little easier – at least it is a normal and anticipated part of the season.

I can’t wait to clean out some of our mess and give onward to other people.

And after we take the toys away, we go get our Tree!!


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