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It's been a week full of gratitude, as it should be. Today I am grateful for…

* The skill and talent to cook a whole Thanksgiving Dinner from scratch. I'm thankful that my parents helped encourage us to cook, and cook well. I am frequently thankful for my kitchen abilities, but especially at Thanksgiving.

* My KitchenAid stand mixer! My family gathered their resources last year at my birthday to get me a stand mixer. I had been using my mom's old mixer that had made my baby food… But it broke and we couldn't replace it. So I managed, but it is really nice to have such a wonderful tool at my disposal.

* Family traditions that belong to this family. Papa-Bug and I have both brought in our own traditions and it is fun to see those traditions merge and grow and change to become our traditions that we share. And ok love watching the Little-Bugs learn their traditions and begin to expect them. Sweetness.

* An excellent Thanksgiving Day. We stayed home, had a few guests over, and enjoyed a massive feast. I love that our family can extend our circle of love to those without their own family on a holiday. It makes me feel truly blessed to share that with others. And the people who filled our table were more than delightful – they arrived as aquaintances and left as dear friends.

* Unpacking the Holiday decorations! Putting up lights on the house! Excitements! More traditions!

* Baby-Bug's flirtatious relationship with the idea of smiling. He almost gets it…almost. It is the cutest thing.

* My mom and her partner returning safely after six weeks in Asia. I'm glad they travel to exciting places and I'm always happy when they are home, well and happy, with stories to share.

* Lovely, rainy, sometimes clear, sometimes cloudy, perfect November weather.

* Fun times making Holiday Gifts for people I love.

* Papa-Bug bringing me a cup of spiced wine just now, and making me a lovely cheese plate last night. He often knows what will make me smile, even when I don't.

* Favorite Holiday music filling the house with song, more tradition, and anticipation. I love, love, love singing carols in full voice all month long.

And so much more. What are you grateful for?


This comes from a tradition of Gratitude over at WoolyMossRoots. I'm not as consisitent as Taryn is, but I try and I love it when I actually get around to it!



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  1. oh my goodness. your wee babe is so sweet. makes my heart hurt. and yeah for christmas lights!

  2. I love your list this week. 🙂


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