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There is always so much on the list of things that I am thankful for. This week there seems to be a huge focus not only on Baby-Bug, but on his relationships with the older men in his world. Is been a sweet week and I am thankful for:
– The families who brought us such wonderful food these weeks, making life in newborn land so much easier, not to mention tastier.

– Moving forward into new routines. Papa-Bug went back to work on Tuesday for a 3-day week. I love having him home and have deeply valued his presence and getting so much time with him. But I am also feeling a lot of anticipation about new adventures as a mom of three, and wondering how our routine will flow. It's felt good to start exploring that flow.

– Having a good helper in Brother-Bug. He is big enough to hold Baby-Bug while I do various tags around the house. I love listening to how he cares for Baby-Bug, telling him stories and just talking with him. I'm in love with how nurturing he is.

Those are my beautiful boys.


– A washer and dryer. Clean piles of diapers. Clean sheets.

Seeing a piece I wrote published somewhere besides this blog! Thrilling and rewarding. I knew it had been accepted, but I felt so good when I saw it officially posted. Yay!

– Having my dad and his wife in town. The kids love them, we love them… And seeing my dad hold a newborn is so beautiful. I can see him thinking about when my siblings and I were little in his arms. I like seeing that.

– A fun family trip to Holiday Market. We ate cheesecake, no one freaked out, we saw many friends, and it was great.

– Baby-Bug learning to take a bottle from Papa-Bug. Both the older kids refused bottles vociferously, and we never pushed it because we didn't have to. Baby-Bug is fine with his bottle, which means I will be able to get more than the odd hour off while he is a little nursling.

Bottles mean special dad-time...


– A fun trip out with the two Little-Bugs while Baby-Bug took his bottle. It was really nice to get some time to connect with them, without their wee Brother's input.

– Planning for Thanksgiving. Possibly my favorite holiday – especially the menu making, the choosing of pie, the contemplation of old and new traditions…

– Wonderful rainy days. I love rainy days.


This comes from a tradition of Gratitude over at WoolyMossRoots. I'm not as consisitent as Taryn is, but I try and I love it when I actually get around to it!




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  1. oh your wee babe is so sweet. 🙂

  2. What’s carrot cloud? Intriguing!

  3. Beautiful pictures.

    Loved reading your article.

    Hope we’ll see you at Holiday Market! We’re starting this weekend.



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