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The pictures really say it all. Baby-Bug is one week old already! He is perfect in every way, of course. This week I am thankful for:
– A good week of newborn cuddles, and the smell of his head, and his hidden dimple, and his crooked nose, and…. And… And everything. If you’ve had a newborn you know I can’t list everything.
– Brother-Bug taking on responsibilities. He loaded and started the dishwasher under his own steam. He is delighted to drop his book to get me something I need for his little brother. He’s understanding of Sister-Bug’s need for some extra love and attention through this transition. He amazes me with how mature he is getting every day.
– Watching both kids love Baby-Bug with such enthusiasm. They can’t get enough of him, even though it is hard to feel stable as the size and structure of our family shifts and settles.

So much love.

– Papa-Bug having not only a job that not only pays the bills, but also facilitates him being home for our babies’ first couple of weeks. There are so many people who have no sick leave (let alone paid maternity/paternity leave) and don’t get this blessed time as a family. We had a little savings but no sick leave when Brother-Bug was born, and I remember how stressful that was. I pray our blessings can spread outward.
– A great Halloween and a party last Friday which ensured that the kids had complete costumes despite a new baby. They looked awesome and had lots of fun trick-or-treating with Papa-Bug.

Follow the trick-or-treat road!

– Nursing! I know that not every Mama has an easy time nursing or makes enough milk or feels good and empowered to feed her baby. I am so grateful that my mom showed me healthy nursing with my brothers and sister; that I have an abundant supply of milk; that I find nursing comfortable and pretty easy. I am so lucky that this is something I do easily and well, and I don’t take this blessing lightly.

– To repeat last week. My midwife. I could probably get through pregnancy, labor, birth, and early baby days without her, but I really wouldn’t want to. Just knowing she’s out there is huge in helping me face each new challenge.

– A newborn who smiles in his sleep. I’m trying to get a picture, but it’s such a fleeting moment. I’m glad he has happy dreams.

So lucky to nurse.

– The outpouring of love from my community; bringing meals, helping with errands, anything we need and more has been offered to us.

– Learning with Papa-Bug how to render our own lard and tallow. It’s a great source of Vitamin D, which we really need in this corner of the cloudy northwest. And our own fresh, organic lard is really, really good on toast. I love getting a new skill to add to my food preserving “can dos”. Actually, this is something our midwife taught us in passing during a prenatal, so she really gets two this week.

– Lazy mornings in bed with my Husband and Three Kids. Cuddles, reading, leisure, kisses…and often baby poop everywhere!

I could keep going and going because the blessings are piling up. But I’ll stop here and encourage other people out there in the world to stop and think about what blessings surround you this moment.


This comes from a tradition of Gratidude over at WoolyMossRoots. I’m not as consistent as Taryn is, but I try and I love it when I actually get around to it!


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  1. ((hug)) your wee babe is beautiful. what an amazing list of blessing. enjoy your little one.

  2. Mary Ann Cauthen

    I am a Grandma (“Nana”), but I loved your new baby post & just got the warm fuzzies looking at the pics & reading your words. Thanks for sharing. Mary Ann Cauthen

  3. Thank you for posting pictures! It brings joy to my heart to see. 🙂

    So glad you are all getting this time together as a family, and that breastfeeding is going well.

    Lots of Love to you all!

    P.S. We LOVE lard around here. 🙂


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