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Rainy Autumn Cooking

It's time for Pumpkin with Everything Good. It's a family favorite. When we mention it, all four of us jump with glee like crazy people. Because…well…Everything Good. If you haven't explored the wild world of what you can stuff in a pumpkin, it's time you tried.

Golden and luscious. I never have to persuade the kids to eat this...

The proper recipe and directions can be found here. And once you have the basic recipe down, you can improvise in all kinds of ways. Tonight we stuffed it up with sausage, mushrooms, bread crumbs, onion & garlic, and cheese. The cream is the essential thing that makes it amazing. Don't skip or scrimp on that. We have had a few other ideas and successes with alternate stuffings…

  • Thai Style – cooked jasmine rice instead of bread crumbs, pulled chicken or pork, some veggies, red or green curry paste, coconut milk in place of cream. A little fish sauce really makes it perfect.
  • East Indian Style – much like Thai, but use Indian curry, riced potatoes or cooked millet instead of cooked rice, ground goat or lamb, and the coconut milk.
  • Breakfast – stale waffles or par-cooked oatmeal, raisins, bacon, whip an egg or two into the cream. Spice with nutmeg and cinnamon.
  • Dessert – gingerbread or other rich or sweet bread. Caramels, apples, pecans, cream? Chocolate chips, almonds, toffee chips? Eggnog?

Apples coking down. Good smells reign.

The thing about a pumpkin is it goes with almost everything. Above are just my ideas and brainstorms. I'm sure you can come up with your own awesome ideas.

The other thing we needed on this rainy autumn day was an apple pie. There are lots of good apple pie recipes out there, so I will simply share with you a favorite tip.

Sauté your apples in butter before you put them in the pie shell. Add your sugar and spices. This does two things. Most importantly, it cooks the apples down so you can get more apples in the crust (more apples and a denser pie is good, in my book). Second, you can adjust the sugar and spices before you put the pie in the oven.

Last year I wrote an article about my favorite pie crust tips. They all still work! Check them out.




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