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Importing a tradition, slowly, from Wooly Moss Roots. It’s good to stop and remember to be thankful…even if the children are screaming while I write this note…

Recently I have been Grateful for…

*Listening to Sister-Bug sing along to ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’ while Papa-Bug and Granddad played it on guitars together.

Spelling is magic.

*Watching Brother-Bug tackle the wonderful world of spelling through Bananagrams and Scrabble.

*A dear and wonderful friend who happened to be awake in the middle of a hard night, just when I needed her.

*The appearance of two new adult teeth in Brother-Bug’s smile – and the related shudder that comes from kids growing up too fast.

Fresh eggs inspire such ideas of quiche…as soon as we have enough…

*Papa-Bug’s sick leave policy, so that I can have a little extra help when I really need it.

*Our chickens finally gifting us with wonderful eggs!

*Family that comes for wonderful visits.

*The peace that descends on our house when it’s just the 4.6 of us.

*Watching my belly roll and shift as the baby dances. It really makes me wonder who this being will be???

*The quality of the light in August early in the morning. Something about it is especially golden. 

What are you grateful for?


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  1. Hi Taylor! It makes me so happy when you join Gratitude Sunday.That's so exciting that you are getting eggs! I love watching your belly grow. :)Help from loved ones is such a gift. Love, Taryn


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