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A Busy Time and A Good Read

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I’m not writing a lot for the next month or so. Besides the usual onslaught of life, chores, homeschooling, and pregnancy, we have family in town (parked in an RV behind my house), we just spend almost a week working up at Breitenbush, and now we are getting ready for our week out at the Oregon Country Fair.

I posted some pictures from Fair last year – it’s always a mad thing to prepare for. Six days of camping, wandering, partying, parenting, and other mayhem. It’s the week that most of our plans and goals revolve around every year. I can’t wait to get out there, get my wings on, and have a blast.

In other news, the blogging conversation continues. A while ago, MommyMan wrote about his son’s desire to wear a dress and I responded. I was completely thrilled to read a recent post from the MommyMan, in which his son dons a dress and feels fabulous – as all kids should, regardless of the clothing they wear. It’s a great post and I will certainly admit to getting all choaked up while reading it.

I guess it ties into our trip to Country Fair…if only because I have to remember to get Brother-Bug’s new green taffeta dancing & cocktail dress clean for the weekend…

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