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The Belated Birthday Post

Brother-Bug turned 5 a month ago today. We were in Seattle with his Godmommies for the celebrations. Papa-Bug was supposed to bring a box with him when he drove up to meet us on Friday. In said box were ‘Cars’ cake decorations, the cake pans, the birthday banner, our special birthday plate… oh yeah, and all the presents. He didn’t bring the box. Whoops.

My plan had been to make a 2 layer cake, and frost it with a road, then drive our ‘Cars’ toys all over it, as three-dimensional decorations. But the toys were at home and the cake had to be made.

I ended up doing this:

Take one blank white sheet cake…
Trace out the basic outline with a toothpick, and start to outline it with the red icing. Choose not to think about the chemicals and dye numbers that made that icing so very red.
Red – completed. On to the details!
Headlights, eyeballs, and etc.
Finish off with black outlines and other decorations.

I have to shout out a tremendous “THANK YOU!” to whoever put the drawing instructions online. That was a real life saver in the midst of a very quick plan-change. We added some candles, including a glittery number 5, and had a great celebration. Brother-Bug was thrilled that he had a Lighning McQueen cake. And I was (am) pretty darn proud of myself for pulling it off so nicely.

Ready, Sing, Blow!!!

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