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I Don’t Get It

In this game, Brother-Bug hands his sister a plastic fruit or vegetable with the command:

“Cucumber! (noun appropriate to the piece he is holding) Accept it!”

Sister-Bug takes it, has one pretend bite, places the food in a basket, and then they repeat with the next piece of fruit or veggie.

This has been going on, with erratic interruptions, for about a half hour now.

I don’t know what’s going on, really. But this is deep play at it’s finest… The kind that grown-ups just can’t do anymore, because we can’t just “accept it”.


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  1. We may not get it, but we can try. Let's try it with beer when we are there next time."IPA ACCEPT IT!"

  2. As long as I can have more than one sip before I put it in the basket…


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